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RSI Risk Factors

There are many RSI risk factors that may influence the severity and occurrence of repetitive strain injury, some of which are detailed below. Note that this list is not exhaustive and trying to treat your RSI using this list is not to be recommended. Always see a health professional if you think you have RSI.

Excessive Computer Use

Its hard to define ‘excessive’ as it varies from person to person but anyone using a computer for more than 3 hours per day could be deemed ‘more at risk’

Intensity RSI Risk Factors

Intense users (e.g. data entry) are more at risk than occasional computer users and this can also vary at different times of the year (e.g. end of year reporting)

Poor Posture

This is one of the key risk factors that seems to influence RSI. If you sit properly and have a comfortable workstation you are much less likely to develop RSI


It may be obvious but people who suffer high stress levels are more likely to be intense computer users and take fewer breaks

Telephone Use

If you have a phone crunched up under you chin and you are using a computer at the same time you’re just asking for trouble. A headset will work wonders in this case. Talk to your employer about this

Eye site RSI Risk Factor

Similar to telephone use above, if you can’t see the screen you’ll tend to lean forward with resulting poor posture which is a major risk factor for RSI. Again , talk to your employer


Some people are just naturally predisposed to developing this kind of injury

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