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Trigger Finger

Repetitive strain injuries can affect many parts of the body and can manifest themselves via various symptoms. If your work / leisure activities involve a repeated gripping action and your fingers sometimes make a clicking noise or get stuck in a bent position you may well be exhibiting symptoms of the RSI ccondition known as ‘Trigger Finger’

This occurs when some of your finger tendons gets inflamed and thickens,and then catches on the tendon sheath at the base of your finger. Trigger Finger usually affects your middle or ring finger or the thumb (Trigger Thumb!)

Typical Symptoms of this RSI condition include:

  • clicking noise when you move (or try to!) your finger
  • finger locks in a bent position
  • soreness at the base of your finger
  • soreness in palm when moving the finger/thumb
  • soreness in your finger
  • sore finger when gripping

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