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RSI Wrist Symptoms

RSI in the wrist is one of the most common RSI complaints, especially if you are a computer user.

Typically, your wrist pain will be triggered by one of the following causes:

  • Poor posture
  • Wrist dorsiflexion
  • Computer mouse use
  • Poor ergonomics while using the keyboard

There are a number of quick and easy things you can try which may help your wrist RSI but we’d always suggest seeing a medical professional before trying any of these as it is possible to make your wrist pain worse.

Your RSI wrist symptoms can be helped by using the products or exercises suggested below.

Mouse Mat With Wrist Guard

This is a quick and cheap solution to try that might help solve your rsi related wrist pain. The built in gel pad helps prevent dorsiflexion which is one of the main causes of wrist rsi







Keyboard Wrist RSI Guard








Wrist Supports

Great help for RSI








Products That Might Help Your RSI

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