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If you’re reading this you probably think you have RSI caused by your working conditions and are thinking of suing your employer for an RSI compensation claim. Its’s not an easy thing to prove in the courts but some people have received large payouts.

Do You Have a Valid RSI Compensation Claim?

To stand any chance of making a successful compensation claim against your employer, you need to consider the following 3 key points:

  • You were exposed to a risk of RSI injury through work and your employer knew of this (or should have known)
  • Your employer didn’t take any reasonable steps to prevent the development of RSI through your work
  • Your RSI was caused directly (although maybe not fully) by your work and the failure of your employer to try to minimise the risk

The problem is that there are many grey areas in proving these claim cases. Was your RSI injury caused by your work? Did your employer take all ‘reasonable’ steps to prevent it? What are ‘reasonable’ steps exactly?

But there are successful compensation claims, many of which are settled before the courts so if you believe that your RSI was caused by your employers failure to take reasonable precautions then it may be worth pursuing.

How Much RSI Compensation Could I Get?

The amounts awarded will vary considerably based on the extent of the injury and the degree the employer is held responsible. e.g.

  • Inland revenue typists awarded approx £80,000
  • Council chainsaw worker awarded £60,000
  • Checkout Operators awarded over £30,000

Should I Claim For Compensation ?

Well its entirely up to you! Legal action can be draining and exhausting but the rewards may well be worth it. Whether it compensates for the pain and suffering RSI causes is debatable so obviously it is better to prevent the problem occuring in the first place


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