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High Risk Jobs

Office workers using VDU/computer equipment are the classic example of a ‘high risk’ occupation but RSI is by no means limited to this group of people. Any job or leisure pursuit involving repetitive motions can cause RSI.

The following list gives a few examples of industries and potentially ‘at risk’ occupations.

  • Manufacturing – Packaging, Assembly, Welders
  • Food processing – Cake Decoraters, Fishmongers, Meat Cutters
  • Clothing – Seamstress, Cloth Cutters
  • Construction – Sanders, Bricklayers, Carpenters
  • Transport – Drivers, Handlers
  • Retailing – Shelf Stackers, Checkout Staff
  • Offices – Computer/VDU Operators, Typists, Filing
  • Health services – Lab Workers, Chiropodists
  • Services – Postal Workers, Cleaners, Hairdressers
  • Entertainment – Dancers, Musicians

Other Risk Factors

Within the above professions most people will have no RSI issues but there are a number of other risk factors that may predispose an individual to developing RSI at work.

Your Employer

Your employer has a duty to keep you safe at work and assess any risks you may be subject to. Check out your Employers Responsibilities and get them involved as soon as possible if you suspect you are developing an RSI type injury

Products That Might Help Your RSI

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