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Employers and RSI

Your employer has a number of responsibilities regarding RSI at work as it is their fundamental responsibility to keep you safe and assess any risks that you may be subject to.

RSI Risk Assessment

It is your employer’s responsibility to keep you safe at work!. This includes assessing any risks you may face and taking the appropriate remedial action. This includes obvious cases (e.g. checking that industrial machines have the correct safeguards fitted) but also the more seemingly innocuous risks such as keyboard and mouse use while using a computer.

Employers must (or should!):

  • Identify the risk
  • Assess the risk
  • Take steps to prevent or control the risk
  • Modify the work tasks to the individual concerned
  • Check the steps taken are working
  • Review the assessment

Eye Test

OK so the link between your eyesight and RSI may not be clear (if you’ll excuse the pun!) but if you are struggling to see the computer screen clearly then you may be hunching up closer to the monitor than is comfortable. This may be one small piece of the the jigsaw but you never know what may be the root cause of your RSI.

If you are a regular computer user your employer should pay for a free eye test every 2 years

Compensation For RSI Injury at Work

Of course, it is possible that your employer has taken all possible steps and your RSI continues to deteriorate but if your employer hasn’t listened or taken the required steps you may have a case for claiming compensation.

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