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RSI Wrist Dorsiflexion

Dorsiflexion of the wrist is of of the classic causes of computer related RSI. If you rest the heel of your palm on the desk and raise your fingers to use the mouse or keyboard you are exposing your wrist to dorsiflexion, straining the wrist muscles and tendons and running the risk of developing RSI!

Ensure you use correct typing / mouse posture and this risk will be minimized.

Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

I use a simple mouse mat with a built in gel wrist rest/guard. This works for me and prevents dorsiflexion of the wrist.

  • A mouse mat is cheap
  • It helps prevent dorsiflexion and this may be all that’s needed
  • There are lots of different colours and designs available





Mouse Alternatives

If using a computer mouse is causing problems why not check out one of the many alternatives or use the mouse less

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