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Keyboard Shortcuts

If using the mouse is causing or aggravating your RSI symptoms, one easy solution is using the mouse less !

If you use keyboard shortcuts you can save hundreds or thousands of mouse clicks or movements every day. If its the mouse thats causing you problems then its time to swat up on the Keyboard Shortcuts that can massively improve your RSI.

Most windows applications have their own set of keyboard shortcuts but here are some of the most common that work either in windows itself or are common across most applications.

General Windows Shortcuts

Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-V Paste
Ctrl-Z Undo
Alt-Tab Change Window
Alt-F4 Quit Application
Windows Open Start Menu

Formatting Shortcuts

Ctrl-B Bold
Ctrl-U Underline
Ctrl-I Italics
Ctrl-Backspace Delete Previous Word
Ctrl-Delete Delete Next Word

General Command Shortcuts

Ctrl-S Save
Ctrl-P Print
Ctrl-F Find
Ctrl-H Find and Replace
F7 Check Spelling
Ctrl-A, then F9 Update all Fields

Shortcuts to Move Around Document

Page-Up/Down Avoids use of scrollbar
Home Jump to start of line
End Jump to end of line
Ctrl-End Jump to end of document
Ctrl-Home Jump to start of document

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