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Beating RSI

These tips are primarily aimed to computer users who are suffering from RSI but many of them are equally applicable to other employments or leisure activities

1) Don’t Delay !

It may seem obvious but the longer you leave it, the worse it could get.

Many people work through the discomfort until it becomes pain. Then it becomes severe pain and before you know it computer use is impossible and they are unable to work.

Tackle RSI as soon as you are aware of the issue and the prognosis is much improved.

2) Don’t Panic !

It’s easy to starting panicking when you experience those twinges in your wrists. But remember that most people overcome RSI with minor workplace or working practice adjustments. The main thing is to act quickly before it gets any worse.

3) Beware the Internet

There are a lot of sites about RSI on the web, many of them not written by medical professionals, so be careful about what you read. A good suggestion would be to prepare a list of steps you think would be a good idea and then discuss them with your doctor or medical practitioner.

4) Ways You Can Beat RSI

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